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Creation of a professional logo

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After purchasing the service, we will contact you in a few hours, so you can tell us exactly how you want your logo.

Your logo will be created by a professional graphic designer, and for this reason there should be regular communication between us. This way we will achieve the result in the right time where it is defined as delivery by our service!

Your logo will be unique, and is designed from scratch.

Also once the work is completed, you will receive all files in high resolution for future use by you, where and how you want!

Summary of work


Immediately after the purchase is completed we contact you! We will organize in detail the design of your logo!


We create the logo & present it to you, so you can be sure that we achieved what you wanted!


We are sending you the work so far, so you can approve if we have made the logo exactly as you wanted it !

Send to the address

We email you all the files in all formats, so you can use them anywhere you want in the future !

Frequently asked questions

Completion is expected in 3-5 days.

You can request up to three changes at no extra charge. Then, each change will be charged $5 for each additional change!

Of course! You can request any partial modification for an extra $10 dollar fee!

Of course! If you want to do so, you can mention it to us so that we can send you additional ways to pay for the service!

All the logos we create are unique! They are made by professional graphic designers step by step!

Of course! In this case you can contact us, so we can create a discount code for you !

Taking up work

Stefany Saridyan

Professional graphic designer with 12 years of experience in business graphic design in the United States of America.

Purchase of Service

Original price was: 120,00 $.Current price is: 99,00 $.

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