Facebook Advertising Campaign Management

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Facebook Advertising Campaign Management

  • Our service is delivered by an expert in digital marketing with years of experience managing Facebook advertising campaigns. We guarantee quality work and tangible results that will bring real value to your business.

The price of our service is based on your advertising campaign budget. Starting at: 20% of the total ad spend.

Why would you get it?



Reach out to us and agree on your campaign plan!


First Draft

We present you with the initial draft of your advertisement!


Final Design

Once you approve, we finalize the campaign!


File Delivery

All campaign files and details are sent to you via email!


Campaign Launch

Your campaign goes live on Facebook and is continuously monitored!


Results and Evaluation

Weekly reports with outcomes and suggestions for improvements!


Yes, we offer flexibility for strategy adjustments as needed!

Our fee is 20% of your total campaign budget.

We typically start within 5 business days of agreement.

We provide monthly analytic reports to showcase your growth, engagement, and the overall performance of our strategy.

Our service includes ad design, audience targeting, content creation, campaign management, and detailed performance reports.

Taking up work

Maria Kaley

Specialty Social Media Management – Graphic content creator. Brand Creator.

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