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Fast loading speed equals more sales

Website loading speed optimization is currently the main solution!

It is a very important factor for both user experience and sales growth, as well as for better ranking of your website in Google’s organic results.

A page that loads slowly is a bad experience for the visitor.

Research has shown that 57% of internet users believe that the average time it takes for a page to load is 2-3 seconds.”

As you can see, increasing the loading speed of a website brings multiple benefits and gives your company a significant advantage over the competition.

Page load speed – Loading in 1-2 seconds

The loading speed of a web page is the first impression a user has of your website. Slow speed of a website, is a very unpleasant feature, which prevents users from visiting your website and accessing its content.

See below for useful statistics we collected around “speed optimization”:



Users will leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.



Users expect the page to load in less than 2 seconds


Των online αγοραστών, ανέφεραν πως ένα αργό eshop τους αποτρέπει στο να αγοράσουν.



The web pages take more than 8 seconds to load.



It leaves after 1 minute, while they are already browsing the site because they don’t have time.



They are looking for a direct loading and innovative online store !

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