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Implement SEO on your WordPress website

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Everything simpler!

  • SEO has become easy!
  • Save time and focus on your business
  • Get more visitors from Google and Social Media
  • Removes your worries and guides you to do SEO
  • Low installation costs
  • Free operation demonstration

The work to be carried out is as follows

We will install the Yoast SEO engine on your website, we will set up some articles so that you have a “guide” how to do it yourself!

This particular Yoast SEO application is paid once, and the additional installation cost is only at $75.

That’s a total of $175.

Why would you get it?



Optimize your website for the right keywords for your users.



Avoid dead links on your website.



Quality of content and linking suggestions when writing.



Get a healthy website that ranks, easy SEO every time.



Save big time, it contains instructions indicating you the bugs!



Gain autonomy to dynamically display your content … No middlemen!

Frequently asked questions

The work, & if the package is paid for, is completed in 24 to 72 hours.

No, this SEO package is paid once and lasts for life!

No, the operation demonstration is free of charge.

Of course, you can speak to a representative of this service as you will see above.

No, this package does not apply to online shops.

We have another package for this particular Project.

Ask us at info@sarbanis.com SEO for online stores!

According to Google, the time it takes to get a website on the first page of Google ranges from 3-9 months.

This time depends on many parameters that need to be taken into account, both on your website and your competition.

We should point out that typically many of our clients see results with Yoast SEO in just the first month!

Taking up work

Samantha Carol

Specialized in the WordPress programming department, with additional expertise in technical issues!

Purchase of Service

Original price was: 195,00 $.Current price is: 175,00 $.

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