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WordPress e-shop construction with Woocommerce

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Construction of an online store

Especially nowadays, web development is an essential investment for any business.

For an investment to be profitable, however, it must return back many times more money than was spent on its implementation.

In this example let’s talk about one of the most important building blocks of a business today, the professional website!

That big difference between just having an online store website, and having an online store website that encourages visitors to contact you and make purchases.

Your website is the image of your business online so you need to give it the attention it deserves!

Clear presentation !


Understanding your goals and requirements

After a conversation and after we understand your goals and requirements, we send you our financial offer for your review and acceptance, so that the construction of your new website can begin immediately.

Presentation of your website for review

At the start of construction work, we upload your new site to a demo site that only you can see, so you can test the functionality and design on computers and smartphones.

Providing training on the operation of your e-shop

Before we start the operation, we will finish with the material on your website, example (products) for this we will have to provide you with training material on how to upload products ! And also learn various functions of the online store !


Product completion & website publication

If you are completely ready after & loading your products, the store now has a significant degree of completeness & you are ready to manage it, we proceed to its publication! That’s it !

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Samantha Carol

Specialized in the WordPress programming department, with additional expertise in technical issues!

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